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Homeowners may notice piles of shed wings in their windowsills. Shed wings are very tiny but will be left in small piles when the termites shed their wings.

What Every Person Should Know About Bed Bugs

Posted on March 12 2019, 07:32am

Individuals may wake up in the morning and find they are covered in bug bites. They cannot figure out where these bites are coming from, as they haven't been anywhere to be attacked in this manner. It could be that bed bugs have taken up residence in the home. These pests have small, flat bodies that are no bigger than an apple seed, although they do increase in size after they have eaten. What does a homeowner need to know about these pests and when should a Pest Control Kennesaw provider be called in?


Bed bugs aren't flying insects, but this does not mean they are slow-moving creatures. They move about quite easily and can make their way across walls, ceilings, and floors rapidly. A female might lay hundreds of eggs during her lifespan, and this means a problem can arise quickly. It only takes a bedbug one month to grow to maturity and each female can have babies three times in one year. For this reason, Pest Control Kennesaw becomes essential when a person suspects bed bugs have taken up residence in their home.

Why They Are Hard to Detect

One reason people may not suspect they have bed bugs is these critters are good at hiding. They can be present in furniture, clothing, a person's luggage, and more. Their body shape helps them fit into spaces no bigger than the width of a credit or debit card and they tend to gather when they hide. This is what makes a person's bed the ideal hiding spot for them. Not only can they remain undetected, but the bed also gives them easy access to their preferred food source. However, this does not mean they will stay in the bed. They do tend to spread out over time and may travel to adjacent rooms and/or apartments.

While these pests aren't believed to transmit diseases, this does not mean a person should tolerate them in the home. Bed bug control is just as important as Termite Control Kennesaw as these creatures attack any exposed area of the skin. The bites tend to be painless but develop over time into itchy welts. People often blame the bites on mosquitoes or fleas only to later discover they have bed bugs. This typically occurs after a Pest Control Woodstock specialist comes out to treat for mosquitoes or fleas and discovers the presence of the bed bugs. Don't suffer in silence. Call in a professional today to get any pest removed from the home in the shortest time possible. Nobody should be forced to share their residence with unwanted guests.

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